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Hi chaps ;)

It's been three years since I've signed up in dA and I'm really happy of that: I've found lots of great people, even found love once, grew up being a more stable and self sure person... even perfected my English by the day and actually practicing everything I was taught in school (sadly, Italy si pretty much like Japan: we like to say that we know English well, but really a few ones speak it well enough to be understandable)!
But also, especially when chatting with new people, sometimes my colour blindness pops up in the talk. And boy, people sure think a lot of crazy shit about it! XD

So, here's colour blindness, told by a guy who has it. Namely, me ;)

First off, there are a lot of types of colour blindness: they range from missing certain primary colours to missing all of them or see them the wrong way.
Most of the forms affect only males, since the chromosome X is the culprit of all of this. It's extremely rare to see colour-blind women.

So, we have essentially three basic forms:
1. Protanopia: the viewer sees all colours, but not red.
2. Deuteranopia: the viewer misses green.
3. Tritanopia: the viewer misses blue.

Then we have the two most rare forms of daltonism know to medicine.

My condition, which lets me see some hues of all of those colours, is called "Anomalous trichromacy". It's basically like this: cyan, magenta and green don't mix up right some times and right in others, depending on the light. Most of the time, though, the mix-up isn't working even if you keep the light constant: it's one of the reasons I tend to confuse purple with blue or dark red with brown or even light green with yellow. So it's not like I'm seeing all in black and white like a 50's TV screen, but I can't afford to colour shit without making a damn mess, ad it happened lots of times. ^^;
For example, if you show me something bright red, I will take it for orange. Since the mix isn't working at all most of the times, it happens a lot to me to see something really dark (like my father's uniform, which is dark blue) and see it jet black or something very light (like the male newborn ribbons, which are painted light blue) to see it plain white.

On the other end, we have complete achromacy, the "black and white vision". You just see black, white and grayscale, that's it. Fortunately it's really rare. Like, 0.01% of males worldwide has it.

Some of the deviants here asked lots of times something like this:
"Isn't there a treatment for it?"
No, average Joe, there isn't. No special lenses, no particular light can cure my condition, which isn't really much of a deal anymore, I learned to live with it and live with the possibility I have 25% to pass it to my hypotethical son.
This condition doesn't make me less of a person, mind you: if I and a professional hunter would be put side to side in an hunt fest, chances are that, crappy aim aside, I would beat the hunter hands down, because I can't be affected by mimetics or any kind of camouflage. Only invisibility can save you from my 11/10 vision eyes XD

So... I hope to have addressed this, maybe it helped someone to know more about this condition that some think it's a huge handicap in the art department as well as life in general.

See you soon chaps! ;)


Gabriele Maruca
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hi fellas!


My name's Gabriele and I'm an Italian undergraduate who freaking loves Sonic, Ferrari and Formula One. Oh, and computers too! ;)
I like to help people if I can, but I hate to be anyone's slave, even if that person is a friend of mine.
I also like to say things as they are, rarely I'm going to put things mildly if there isn't a reason to. For this,sometimes I'm said to be grumpy, aggressive and bad-mannered, but who knows me knows that I'm exactly the opposite... ;)
I'm quiet almost all the time, I spend my time drawing, playing at videogames, watching tv and, when happens, go out with friends.
Other people say that I'm stubborn and a radical commie, but this isn't true: I like to think and discuss rather than only speak, to solve problems instead of leaving them and say "someone else will solve them anyway!".
I've a good (others say "too much" :XD:) self-esteem, but aren't rare the times when I'm doubtful of what can I do or say...I guess it happens to all of us, right?

Well, I'm done with the speech :XD:. I hope we will be good friends!

People I know in real life :3


My dA Family!

Big sisters: :iconmadame-finitevus1890: :iconnekonaturer:
Sisters: :iconcrashcandyness::iconevy-lin:
Little sis: :iconmagicbats::iconbubbleslou:
Big bros: :iconmartz-9o::iconrush88:
Little bros: :icondestro-the-dragon::iconshuyintheenigmatic::iconstefanthehedgehog:


Sonic related


Current Residence: Latina, Italy
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Classical
Operating System: Windows 7 32bit
MP3 player of choice: I'm searching still... XD
Favourite cartoon character: SONIC! ^^

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GabSonic Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks Jay! ^_^
ShadowDrakkon Feb 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for the favorite! It is very appreciated. :)
GabSonic Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't sweat it, your HR chara is a good one to be seen in a comic ;)
ShadowDrakkon Feb 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you. :)
Thank you for the faves, Gab :D
GabSonic Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Come on Dan, you know you're always improving by the day... how I could not at least fave your works? :D :manhug:
Well, thanks for that Gab; But I really don't know how much of an improvement I've really made over the past year. I can trust your opinion on it for sure, but I just can't see it myself. :\
GabSonic Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For one, I can tell you right away: the line is more firm and decise. Not that much though, but it's a good improvement: it shows that you're growing confident in what you do by the day. ;)
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